Excellent summary of all things redistricting

If you're following the litigation around redistricting, you'll want to bookmark this excellent report from NC Policy Watch. Read the whole thing.



intends to get its money's worth from ensuring that Newby remained on the Supreme Court (as NC PolicyWatch astutely intimates). That was the whole idea of throwing millions of dollars into that race.

The only hope for impartial review and possible overturning of the gerrymander is from the feds, and that's made more difficult by SCOTUS (isn't it time for Thomas or Scalia to retire and become regular contributors to Wing Nut Daily?).

I'm not looking to the NC courts for any relief.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

Arguing around the obvious

It really pisses me off that attorneys for the GOP can blatantly put forward this or that scenario to prove race wasn't a factor in their mapmaking. Of course it was, and everybody involved knows it was. The level of stacking that resulted doesn't happen by accident, it's just not statistically possible. But it seems like the main goal of the justices is to wait until some "plausible" alternative comes along, so they can jump on it and ease their consciences. That isn't justice, it's collusion.