Faison's loan ... with a side of Dome editorializing

I guess we now know who's paying for all this non-campaign activity.

State Rep. Bill Faison loaned his campaign account $500,000 as he continues to dodge the question of whether he will challenge Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue in a primary battle or seek another higher office. For months, Faison, an Orange County Democrat, has traveled the state meeting with Democrats and touting an economic plan that includes a sales tax hike -- spark speculation that he would seek higher office.

Amid Perdue's campaign troubles, Faison also questioned whether she was best suited to represent the party. At an event Wednesday morning, he distributed a six-page memo that appeared much like a campaign platform. Faison said the money would go to support Democrats, but he refused to provide specifics. "I think it's important to show a commitment to the process. And to win back the legislature and keep the governor's office blue," he later told Dome.

Amid Perdue's campaign troubles? Sounds like just a teensy bit of water-carrying from the new guy at the N&O. According to the Faison non-campaign, Perdue hasn't even declared her intentions, let alone begun campaigning.

The plot sickens.


Nothing to pay for James

I pay my own way to events about the Jobs Plan, etc. And, Bill pays his. Two people out talking to people about the issues that matter. An issue campaign. So, sorry but nothing to pay for right now. Happy to post my gas receipts, etc.

I suspect you all are so interested because we are the only ones talking about "real" issues that matter to "real people" cause I sure don't see others doing it.

That's sillly

Of course there's something to pay for. Granted, it may not be a lot, but it's certainly more than zero. (It didn't even occur to me to wonder about your expenses, I was mostly thinking about Bill.)

My own small operation at BlueNC costs several thousand dollars a year for web-hosting, etc., and if I were to throw in my hourly consulting rate, the cost would be several hundred thousand dollars. Said another way, I'm paying the cost of my political activities.

So is Bill. Nothing wrong with that ... just making the observation.


Just to say it, I'm all for Faison declaring his intentions and running against Perdue in a primary. We need to get every living soul we can find to the polls in May in order to defeat Amendment One - and a hard fought primary will help in that regard. Plus, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to have two strong voices taking on Team McCrory.

Faison V Perdue, the Amendment, & other primaries

We need to get every living soul we can find to the polls in May in order to defeat Amendment One - and a hard fought primary will help in that regard.

Not only should we consider how candidacies for office might affect the amendment, we also ought to think about how the amendment might affect candidacies for office. The Democratic primaries in particular are going to see more pro-equality activists asking questions of candidates, discussing candidates through online social networks, getting involved in campaigns, and voting in May than we've seen before.

And that is a message I think needs to get repeated regularly from now until filing in February and thereafter, because candidates need to know they wont get a pass on discrimination this May.

Excellent point

That's one reason I'm hoping we get a boatload of women declaring instead of a slew of homophobic old white men.

Thanks for adding this into the conversation, Jake. Sure hope the candidate recruiters at the NCDP are thinking this through.


But seriously, his website is his campaign's but the travel on the issue is fun, interesting, enlightening for us so we never stopped to think about our hourly rate. We are doing it because no one else is or did. We do have food and gas costs -- I would say $1000 there. But the loan is not for that - :)

Policy Agenda

it is well worth watching the actual press conference

and not just reading the press spin on it

http://www.wral.com/news/state/nccapitol/blogpost/10560235/ ">Video of Bill Faison Presser