Fetzer's new BFF

You have to admire Tom Fetzer's gumption. He'll stand in front of a room of grown adults and say whatever pops into his pretty little head, as he did on Saturday when he got all excited about his new BFF, New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis. (I suppose that makes them both switch hitters, but that's another story.)

Newly converted Republican New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis, who announced he had changed parties at a GOP fundraiser earlier this month, made an appearance. Bettis said he came to the convention to show support for the party, and Fetzer noted in an interview that the party is “excited” about Bettis’ switch.

But that wasn't Tommy's main pitch. What he really wanted to do was froth up the crazies to the new Republican rallying cry: No we can't.

Fetzer said the next election “literally can change the direction of our state.” “I will predict to you as I’m sitting here today that we will have a Republican majority in the House and Senate for the first time since 1898,” he said.

With all of Art Pope's money going into electioneering this year, I wouldn't rule anything out. But unless a majority of North Carolina voters are as dumb as stumps, the GOP will have a hard time convincing them that trashing public schools, bankrupting sick people, and destroying the environment should be our state's top priorities.


Uncle Festzer's record as a mayor

If anyone in the Democratic party would just do a slideshow of Raleigh after Festzer's reign and Raleigh after 10 years of Democrats cleaning up Festzer's mess, it would be most illuminating.

Get some slides of the urban blight and degradation that Uncle Festzer presided over. Compare them with downtown Raleigh now.

Simply showing the facts are enough to show the result of Festzer's policies, and where he wants to take NC.

PS: It's raining men, Uncle Festzer. Closets are for storing your overpriced clothes, not for cowering in fear from yourself.


New Bern GOP

Well, there is a Saturday morning I will never get back. My brother-in-law is running for US Congress in the 1st district. I thought I would be a nice BIL and see him speak at what we thought was going to be just a rally. Turns out it was the Craven County GOP convention. I felt like I had infiltrated the inner sanctum of the enemy.
I really couldn't believe the diatribe coming from Fetzer. He made a point of mentioning the former state government Democrats in jail or headed that way but he sure forgot to mention that more Bush appointees went to jail than appointees of any other President. They are going after the Democrats and their main focus will be on health care and how much it's going to cost the citizens of NC. Watch out. they are getting ready to sling mud in November and it's actually already started