Final Thoughts From a SEC Member

As we move into the weekend meeting of the NCDP SEC, I wanted to share just a few final thoughts based on questions I have received.
Most of you know that I have already endorsed David Parker, and I even had the privilege of acting as a surrogate speaker a few weeks ago here in Raleigh.

LGBT Rights

The other day I received a call from a friend of mine. He said that he'd been told by a supporter of Bill Faison, that Faison was a stronger supporter of LGBT issues than David Parker.
My first response to that was, "that statement is crap," and went on to say exactly why. That evening I did some research, and here is what I found:
1. Bill was NOT endorsed by EqualityNC in 2010, even though just about every other Democrat from Raleigh to Greensboro was. If Bill is such a strong advocate for gay rights, why did he either not seek the endorsement, or if he sought it, why was he denied it?
2. An Independent Weekly article from 2005 may also give some insight:
Perhaps underscoring Faison's tobacco-country appeal is his position on issues relating to gay and lesbian rights. "As a general proposition, I think the concept of gay rights is a misnomer," he says. "It's not about rights at all. It's about public visibility, people wanting to make a statement. Rights are legal things and can generally be accorded without involvement of the state." When asked where he would stand on legislation banning the legal recognition of any same-sex relationships, including domestic partnerships, a bill gay rights groups fear will be introduced soon, Faison responds, "I would not support legislation to treat same-gender relationships as if they were a husband and wife."
From the Independent Weekly, February 02, 2005

Why are LGBT rights, especially after it was our Democratic officials in Washington who made repeal of DADT a reality? Quite simply the guaranteed fact that, as Skip Stam has said that Defense of Marriage will be on the 2010 ballot as an amendment to the state constitution. Why? So the GOP can win every contested race that's why.


A few weeks ago, Bill said he was hosting an event at the Goodwin House to show everyone how much money he could raise. In the advertising, the event was labeled as a fundraiser for the Democratic House Caucus. How much money, not counting what was given by elected officials was actually raised? We don't know, and even though we are less that 48 hours from voting for the new chair, we still don't know. As an SEC member I have a right to know how much was raised and from whom, especially if it's reportable under law AND Bill said he was using it to show his ability to raise money.


Several times over the past few weeks, Bill has made comments about his leadership ability, especially as it relates to the grassroots and members of the legislative caucus. In fact Bill has said that the caucus is the "last line of defense" when it omes to stopping republican initiatives. I have strong reservations after yesterday's vote in the House for the Speaker's position. 4 out of the 6 Democrats who voted for Tom Tillis also endorsed Bill for Party Chair. If he can't keep Representatives Earle, Spear, Owens, and Floyd from voting with the GOP, how in God's name can I depend on him to work with Leader Hackney in keeping 4 democrats from joing the republicans in putting the DOM Act on the 2012 ballot?

So I am proud of my support for David Parker for NCDP State Chair. Over 35 years of volunteer service to this state and as a DNC member this country, David has proven his commitment to ALL constituency groups of our party.
As a YDNC State Chair, Precinct and County Chair, Campaign Manager, and elected member of the DNC, David has and continues to live the model of servant leadership.



Troubling Facts about Faison

Thanks so very sincerely to RealChangeNC for bringing Bill Faison's explicit opposition to marriage equality to this important forum. Faison's record represents a troubling legacy that could damage the Democratic Party if he were to be elected Chair. The mystery about Faison's fundraiser in Raleigh at Goodwin House may not be all that puzzling. Word in Raleigh is that Faison raised a paltry $3200 at his highly publicized event. That he is being supported by 4 legislators who voted against Joe Hackney presents another troubling fact about Bill Faison.