Fitzsimon's take on the NC budget negotiations

From NC Policy Watch a well written analysis of the budget debate this week.

"...despite all the talk about restoring education funding, the latest version of the budget still makes deep cuts in all levels of the state’s education system at a time when almost every other state in the south is increasing funding for schools.

It does appear that the five House Democrats will vote for the final version of the budget when it comes to the House floor later this week. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have committed to vote to override what appears to be the inevitable veto from Governor Perdue.

Perdue issued a statement calling the revised Senate plan an “ideologically driven effort to unnecessarily defund education and other crucial programs.”

That pretty much sums it up, and makes it clear what she thinks of the secret backroom weekend deal and its fuzzy math and misleading claims.

It is more of the unacceptable same from legislative leaders more interested in keeping the radical right happy than serving the best interests of the state.

It is veto time again in Raleigh.


GOP fires Opening Shot in Redistricting Battle

Tucked into a corner of the budget is this little gem:

Republican budget writers slipped a provision into the budget moving the authority to seek approval for VRA pre-clearance of the new maps from Attorney General Roy Cooper (D) to a GOP-controlled legislative study committee. This way, the GOP can pick the venue for VRA pre-clearance of the redistricting plans.

Under current NC law, state Attorney Geneneral Cooper would seek VRA pre-clearance from the Department of Justice. Now if that DOJ was under a Republican president, like it was in 2001, and 1991, and 1981, and 1971, well that would be okey-dokey with the NC GOP.

But with the (black) Kenyan-born, (black) Muslim, (black) socialist, (black) anti-American, (black) alien President's appointees running the DOJ, the GOP can't get all the presents they want under the redistricting Christmas tree in 2011.

Their preferred (Santa) venue - the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. A court with 6 Republican-appointed judges, 3 Democrat-appointed judges, and 2 vacancies.


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