Flammable Tap Water

I'm not particularly knowledgeable on energy or water but clearly something ain't right here.

Let's hope something is especially rotten in Colorado and that there is no chance of this happening closer to home. Do you trust NC energy companies to protect us from this kind of absurdity? Maybe AFP can send out a robocall and convince voters that flammable water is actually an asset?


I'd be concerned too!

Clearly, this is Tea-Bagger urine.

Stan Bozarth


kill baby kill

Thanks for this video.

Republicans and anti-environment Dems are *still* quite eager to drill off the coast of North Carolina. They are quick to point out that the potential resource off NC's coast is natural gas, not oil, and therefore there is absolutely no risk at ("trust us").

Does anyone have a good link on the possible impact of gas drilling off NC's coast?