For You To Do (Live From MoveOn Call for Change Party)

We're counting the hours until the polls close on Tuesday. This Hooligan is headed out to a Call For Change party (Sorry Dem Party HQ) with J-Rod and jedibill. Before I go, here's a fun tidbit and some links to things you can do to Get Out The Vote.

First the tidbit:

TIME: "Another challenge facing the GOP is a stark dropoff in support among what is usually a core constituency: white evangelical Christians. According to TIME's poll, only 54% of people in this group favor Republican candidates, with 5% undecided. Thirty-eight percent of white evangelicals polled say they'll support Democrats."

Now the links:

Free election day e-cards you can send to everyone in your address book.'s Call For Change program - where you can phonebank from the comfort of your own home. You can have a party or phonebank pantless.

The Democratic Party needs canvassers, phone bankers, friendly faces, and pound cake bakers. Follow the link to hook up with your local HQ.

Democracy For America has a handy way to search for DFA volunteer opportunities.

Live from the party after the jump

Whatever you do, do something. Whether it's calling everyone in your little black book, emailing everyone you know, or getting with the organizations getting out the vote, know that we can win this one only if our people get to the polls. Voting is nice, but it's just not enough.

Go get 'em, Hooligans!

UPDATE: Here at the Call For Change party, I wanted to let you know how easy the MoveOn interface is to use. It gives you a number at a time, a script to help you get the message across in any circumstance. So far I've called tight races in Ohio and Pennsylvania. So many folks are in tight races, and it's really fun to sit with friends making these calls.

Go get 'em!

UPDATE: It's interesting. I've called to recruit volunteers for MoveOn's Call for Change. I've made calls for Heath Shuler, Doug Jones, Martin Nesbitt, Susan Fisher, Bruce Goforth, and Van Duncan through Democracy for America and the North Carolina Democratic Party. But this call-from-home experience is the most relaxed political work I've ever done.

I just got a MoveOn email with this quote: "We've already contacted more than 62,438 voters since this morning. And since Friday, we've reached more than 326,281 progressives in key races." Booyah.

UPDATE: Our group has grown, and we've made almost two hundred calls. Jedibill has been strong with the Force, making 17 contacts out of 42 calls. J-Rod switched to Spanish like a pro. I had a lovely conversation with a woman who's always voted Republican, but she's decided to switch this election despite family pressure.

UPDATE: We called voters all over the country, including Larry Kissell's race in NC-08. Half the people here were political action newcomers, and one said to me, "I'm so proud of myself." Another said, "What if that voter is the difference in this election?"


Awesome report, Screwy.

Thanks for all the good links.

I know this isn't an open thread

but I figure Screwy won't mind if I just say that I'm loving Karl Rove's October Haggard suprise.

Haggard's stuff on YouTube is keeping me entertained now that WNCNN got taken over by the enemy.
“All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.”
So enjoy the Drama.

Great Stuff

Turnout is going to be key.