Forest and the trees

Our own village idiot has been out and about this week, opining about the sad state of teacher pay.

The Greensboro News & Record reported that Forest told a group of conservative activists that North Carolina teacher salaries are “shameful” and that the state should have the highest paid teachers in the country.

Forest said that could be done without a tax hike, but as the News & Record reported, raising teacher pay to the highest in the country would cost at least $2.3 billion, which is about the budget for the entire university system and about twice as much as we currently spend on community colleges.

Too bad nobody actually cares what Dan Forest thinks.



Lt. Dan

Stupid is as Stupid does.

This also is covered in Sep. 20 entry at BackwardNC.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis