Foxx Called Out by the Winston-Salem Journal

Some time back, I blogged on Virginia Foxx playing fast and loose with the truth in an attempt to smear NC-5th Democratic challenger Roger Sharpe.

Apparently hitting Roger personally didn't work, so, true to Republican form, Foxx attacks the other "enemy of the GOP": the media.

In a fund-raising letter, Foxx not only accused the Winston-Salem Journal of being biased against her, but also out-and-out lied about the paper's editorial policy and her campaign's use of the editorial page.

Luckily, unlike much of the mainstream media, the Journal didn't back down. Instead, editorial page editor Linda Brinson hit back hard in an article published today.

Aside from dissecting Foxx's lies about the paper one-by-one, Brinson describes the situation as "a fundraising ploy," and describes the influx of anti-Foxx letters that have flooded the Journal since Foxxx released her insane "Iraq is going great" statement.

So thanks, Winston-Salem Journal, for not backing down to the right-wing's attempt to control and bully the media.


Thanks, Crowbar

I hope folks will take a minute to pat the editor on the back with a quick email message. We need to reward responsible and a note to the editor thanking her for this balanced column is a good step in that direction.


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