Foxx (NC-05) Puts Cart Ahead of Horse

Virginia Foxx, from what I have heard is wildly unpopular across party lines in her district. Why? Most people say because she is just another Rubber Stamp Republican for this President and this Congress.

So how does she respond? By sending money to other Rubber Stampers of course!

This from the Winston-Salem Journal:

Although Foxx suggests in her Internet appeal that she needs money for a difficult campaign against her Democratic opponent, Roger Sharpe, she has been sending large amounts of money to Republican congressional candidates nationwide, according to her campaign filings.

Foxx has given nearly $35,000 to 30 Republican congressional candidates in 20 states, according to the Sept. 30 FEC filing. In addition, the Foxx for Congress committee has contributed $81,000 to two key GOP organizations - $76,000 to the Republican National Congressional Committee and $5,000 to the N.C. Republican Executive Committee, according to the FEC documents.

The money given to the two committees alone exceeds the $76,000 that Sharpe has raised during the entire 2006 election season. Foxx has raised more than $1.2 million, the documents show.

Of course, you will not hear any of this from Foxx. Why again? She steadfastly refuses a debate. More from the Journal:

Sharpe, frustrated that Foxx has turned down several chances to have a debate, said last week that she has used the power of incumbency not to tell constituents what she can do for them, but to finance congressional races nationwide.

"It's almost as if once she got elected, she felt there's some kind of ascension to royalty," Sharpe said. "It's as if she thinks she gets to be anointed to be the decision-maker. We've got to go beyond that."

Foxx has turned down several chances to talk about her platform in joint appearances with Sharpe. According to Sharpe's aides, at least five venues, including high schools and senior centers, have offered to be host to such meetings.

On Thursday, Foxx rejected a chance to tape a debate on 88.5 WFDD, a public radio station that broadcasts throughout the 5th District, said Allan Louden, the director of the debate program at Wake Forest University. The radio station has a studio at the school.

Again, I ask why, and again, the Journal answers:

By keeping a low profile and scheduling private fundraisers, analysts said, Foxx is adopting an old political tactic. Agreeing to a debate with Sharpe could elevate his standing.

Luckily, the good people of the 5th District have caught on.

Some people, including Republicans, said they are concerned not just by Foxx's focus on fundraising - she has four private dinners in October alone with sponsorships ranging from $250 to $1,000, according to her Web site - but by her apparent unwillingness to debate with Sharpe.

Nancy Riegel, who moved to the Boone area in 1997 to retire, said she is a moderate Republican. She said she believes in limited government and personal responsibility, and she said she has voted for Foxx when Foxx was a member of the state General Assembly.

But Riegel said she has been disappointed by Foxx's "coordinated" public appearances.

"There absolutely should be a debate," Riegel said. "What Virginia has managed to do is one-way communication. She has not allowed people to ask questions that would get insightful answers."

So there you have it. Foxx is only interested in getting relected for the favors she has done for her cronies, cronies who she hopes will repay the favor down the line.

Not only is Foxx bought and paid for, but now is trying to buy others.

Our choices are to continue this vicous cycle or stand up and help out Roger Sharpe, the rare politician who refuses to be bought.

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