GOP cowards continue state-sponsored gambling, now with extra hand-wringing

After all their happy talk about the evils of the North Carolina State Lottery, Republican leaders in Raleigh did what they always do: put money ahead of morals. They had a clear chance to kill the lottery, but took the easy way out. It's hard to say what is more disgusting ... all their sanctimonious blather about family values or their despicable cowardice.


No lottery

No lottery unless the State legislature hands are tied as to what to do with the money. Any lottery money should be added 100% in excess or the normal budgeted amount. The last thing we what is for the legislature to say "the the lottery brings in X so we can budget X less and spend that the lottery will make up the difference." When it was passed the legislature specifically DID NOT DO THIS. So until the do get rid of it. This way the legislature has to be directly and transparently judged, and cannot play fiscal games with our children. (anymore than they already do.)

Hey there is a rainbow fairy unicorn, jumping over the rainbow throwing skittles to everyone!