The GOP's diabolical tax timing

Alternate title: What a difference a year makes [cross-posted from BackwardNC]

As we celebrate a new year, with all the reflections and predictions, BackwardNC offers our own prediction for the next year and beyond. This isn't one of those "here's what might happen" sort of things; this is just documentation of what already was planned by the NC GOP with their tax increase.

(In the home of Ned & Cora Average (NC Average), in [insert your favorite county here] ).

April 2014

Ned: Hey, Cora, have you noticed? I'm takin' home 11 bucks more in my paycheck every week! Our boys [insert GOP state representatives/senators names here] are doin' OK by us!

Cora: Yes, Ned, and [insert GOP state representative/senator name here] came to the Church fish fry too! We're voting to re-elect those boys!

April 2015

Ned (filling out taxes): What the...?!? For 17 years, we've gotten a tax refund! This year it says we owe more than $800! All of the deductions we used before are gone! GONE!

Cora: Well, that eats up your extra take-home pay, and then some. I also notice our electric bill is up, and we can hardly afford to go to a ball game or concert any more. I don't know why things are so expensive these days!

Ned: Just think how bad it would have been if I hadn't gotten that extra 11 bucks every week! I sure would like to know why I'm payin' more taxes, though.


Yes, folks, that's what the NC GOP counts on. You get extra take-home pay this year but you don't realize until you fill out your taxes next year that they took away the deductions and you owe more income tax. Meanwhile, they figure that you won't notice that you're paying more sales tax. And they figure most folks won't know that the only ones actually getting a genuine tax cut are the very wealthiest North Carolinians.

Sadly, in many cases, they might be right. They're not stupid (OK, quite a few of them are pretty darn stupid, but many of the leaders are politically astute and evil).

They planned this timing deliberately, and all year long they'll be telling you about the "tax cuts" they gave you. Just wait until it's time to settle up in April 2015.



Keeping track of sales tax

I'm already at $52.50 on taxes for services ... taxes I wouldn't have had to pay last year. Vicky Boyer had the idea that we all should be keeping track of new taxes. I am doing just that.

It is easier than you think

Almost everyone has their phone with them almost all of the time. Every time you pay these new taxes, enter it in "Notes" in your smart phone. It will keep a running record.



"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


Some of the GOP tax increase becomes effective later in the year.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis