Governor Draws Leads the Race to the Bottom

And screws NC yesterday stating "At this point in time, I don't know how to spell tax increase. It is off my plate right now." She said she was going to balance the budget without raising taxes and allow the temporary tax increase to expire.

I wonder what Republican wrote the Democrats playbook section on how to handle tough economic conditions. I'm sure there is 3.9 billion in waste in a 19 billion budget. Why we waited so long for such an easy goal is beyond me.

Here are a few quick ideas that come to mind below the fold.

1) We could set up a lottery system (like the military draft of old) to see who gets Medicaid, reducing the rolls of those old people in nursing homes and those lazy good for nothing disabled people.
2) Teach only math and english (maybe a little science, but nothing controversial like climate change or biology or astronomy, just forget science too controversial). That should reduce number of teachers and support staff. No need for art, music, social science (that science word again - too controversial)
3) Of course outsource schools, prisons, state run mental hospitals. but why not add Department of Revenue, SBI (they appear to be incompetent anyway), IT, courts (at least the civil courts with those pesky lawsuits) - everyone "knows" private industry runs much more efficiently and can get labor and benefits costs down. Maybe the Gov can propose to eliminate the need for a minimum wage to save jobs in NC from being sent overseas.


"I'm sure there is 3.9

"I'm sure there is 3.9 billion in waste in a 19 billion budget."

What is the old advertising rule? "Perception is reality."

What you write in jest is music to the ears of many. State government waste is an easy sale in dire economic times. The pendulum is swinging to the cutting side. Who knows how long before it swings the other way.

Pendulum swinging

In the natural cycle of things it would be at least a generation. In the hopped up world of the great divide, our banana republic could come crashing down in 2012.