Guess McCrory's income and win a prize!

As most of you are aware, NC voters do not know who is paying gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory, nor how much he is being paid. We do know he has income streams from his lobbying firm and his brother's consulting company. He is also receiving salaries and stock options from sitting on various corporate boards. However, what special interests may be paying him -- and how much -- remains unknown, casting doubt on his ability to represent the people's interests as Governor of North Carolina. That's why Progress NC Action is calling on him to release his tax returns and client list. Help us turn up the pressure by filling out our new survey on McCrory's income and you might win a prize....

We invite you to fill out our survey and tell us how much you think Pat McCrory's been getting paid over the last four years. Then take a guess at his exact 2011 income. If he ever releases his tax returns, we'll send a prize to the person whose guess was closest. (The prize? An awesome automatic coin counter, so you'll be able to keep track of your income just like Pat McCrory!)

Hope many of you will participate. For more on our overall Who Pays McCrory? campaign, please visit


Excellent campaign, Katy

I love this.

i'm guessing $2+ million over

i'm guessing $2+ million over four years in outright payola, plus a special bonus "package" from duke energy