Guide to getting an ID to vote

Here's the latest handout from Democracy NC on how to get an ID. It's probably a little too wonky for mass public distribution, but it could be useful for individuals, committees, and organizations planning to assist people on getting IDs when the free ones become available starting in January.

Starting with elections in 2014, poll officials will ask voters for a photo ID but no photo ID is required to vote at the polls until January 2016.


Democracy is alive

Democracy is alive in Rocky Mount! Over 50 people packed in to a training on the new voting law changes in Rocky Mount last night. And they were ready to take action to make sure everyone is able to exercise their right to vote.

More than 100 did in Durham a few weeks back. And there are similar scenes at trainings across the state.

Democracy is alive in the people. Democracy is on the rise with we the people.

Thanks, Jake

I admire your tireless enthusiasm. It's clear democracy is alive, though it may be more accurate to say it's on life support. The people may yet overcome the tyrannical actions of the General Assembly.