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In his mindless ramblings today about the Democrats and the election, John Hood at the John Locke Puppetshow wonders out-loud if the moderate Democrats like Heath Shuler are secretly conspiring to take away America's guns.

Will Shuler and his center-right Democratic colleagues stick to their guns? Literally?

First off, there's nothing "center-right" about Heath Shuler. That's just more of Hood's happy-talk. After years of having the ear of North Carolina's media, John still thinks that what he says matters. The truth is, the only person paying attention to John Hood is me . . . and even I'm getting sick of it. So for the record, John, Heath Shuler is a conservative Democrat. That makes him center-left.

Second, everybody with half a brain knows that gun control is a dead issue in America, no pun intended. The left fought for sanity around guns for decades and, quite frankly, we lost both battle and war. Whatever progress can be made has been made. Gun control was not a campaign issue for anyone in any state that I'm aware of.

Pointing to the gun control issue is an old, tired trick that doesn't work anymore, John. It's like Karl Rove yelling "Cut-n-run!" for the thousandth time. Nobody's listening besides me.



Jon Stewart did a riff

on the people at Fox News who had figured out that as long as you put a question mark at the end of any comment, you can say f*ing ANYthing.

Will Johnny Hoodwink stick to his fantasyland conservative ideology now that W and the rest of the neo-cons in DC have proven it doesn't work?

I guess Mr. hoodwink has adapted the technique.

"They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum Then they charged the people a dollar 'n a half just to see 'em. Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

Truth can be found in John's Shorts?

The truth is, the only person paying attention to John Hood is me . . . and even I'm getting sick of it. *A

It's a nasty job, but somebody had to do it. I have decided to give you the first annual
'Hoodwink" award with full honors.

You are to report to the Former GOP Hq's on Hemphill Street in full military Blackwater combat dress to recieve your medal. You will notice that all of the Wanted Posters of Democrats and some turncoat Republicans have been remove since the full retreat of it's Former Chairman who slipped out in the hour of battle last Tuesday. However, the good news is that Willie Lee Starling military combat suit was left behind in the Men's Room to be wash out after his defeat last Tuesday. You may claim it as a plunder or the spoils of War. Be sure to wash it as the Odor will affect your Hood thinking. I am sure there are other items laying around after last Tuesday. You are fully authorize to sell Vernon's XXXXX large Red and White undershorts with the cute little elephants in Pink on them to E-Bay as a reward for your outstanding service.

Now don't let this award go to your Head and if we find you on NC Spin as a bullshit political expert. We just might trade you to the Washington Redskins as a future draft choice for Heath should he not work out in Congress.

Congrat again and if the Boys in Hood shows here. Give them a hug and kiss for me....

With you all the way

Except for that tree suit thing. The Birdman Starling looked like a loon, so to speak, and despite being fashion-challenged, I'm nowhere near dumb enough to climb into a camouflaged tuxedo.

Thank you A, for wading into the muck

And reading his garbage. As you know, I'm a pretty sensitive person and I just can't stomach the vile that they spew!
Thanks again for wading in and I'm sorry we still have to pay attention to them.
No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

John Hood Wants to Beat the Gay Out of You? - WNCNN wonders

I think of Heath not as a conservative Democrat so much as a Pro-Life Democrat. He's for deficit reduction, but that stopped being a conservative value sometime during Reagan's term.

Hood's a televangelist trying to sell used cars to folks who ride the political short bus.

Does Hood have a natural nemesis or counterpart we can support?

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Chris Fitzsimons

is the natural counterpart. He run NC Policy Watch.

And as to the question of "nemesis?" That would be me.

Thanks for clearing up the labels for Heath. It's good to have someone around here knowing what they're talking about.



Good. Yes.

You've spoken with Chris Fitzsimons? About partnering to own the online political real estate against the Hoodlums?

Come to think it... Hooligans vs. Hoodlums sounds good.

Scrutiny Hooligans -


You can subscribe to get the daily column from Chris. It's always interesting and sometimes very hard-hitting. The one you posted below is Chris at his best.

We've exchanged some emails about partnering in exactly the way you described, but decided to hold off until after the election.

Guess it's show time.

Check out what Chris wrote...


I like this guy. Read this excerpt, or just click over and read the whole post:

"Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger used the L-word to lament that a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is less likely to come up in the next General Assembly"
"The truth is that the Democrats in the General Assembly (with help of many Republicans) accomplished more good last year than in the previous four years combined and it wasn’t liberal or conservative, it simply made sense and public responded at the ballot box.

Lawmakers raised the state’s minimum wage, gave teachers and state employees long overdue raises, invested in public schools and mental health, and finally put some resources in the struggling court system.

The next General Assembly ought to respond to the election results with a renewed commitment to continue the progress they made last year, adding overdue investments in child care, affordable housing, and health care expansion."

Scrutiny Hooligans -