Ham-handed Stam calls for volunteers to help DHHS

Training? Who needs training:

This is a WIN-WIN opportunity!! You will win by gaining first-hand experience with how the Food Nutrition System (FNS) operates and gain valuable experience processing claims.
The BIGGEST winners will be the many people who are waiting to get assistance. By helping them complete their applications, you will expedite them getting the necessary assistance they need to feed their families.

According to State Senator Earline Parmon (D-Dist32) who serves on the oversight committee for NCDHHS, “It is totally inappropriate for the legislative assistants to be asked to volunteer. There is the privacy issue. There is the fact that they have not received training to complete this work. To ask L.A.s to do the work for another department, that has already spent millions on over-time is ridiculous.”

There's also a shortage of OB-GYNs in NC: "Don't miss out on this GREAT opportunity! Get scrubbed and let's go DELIVER SOME BABIES! Everybody's a WINNER, and the first volunteer to get five notches on their baby belt will get to bang Tillis' big-ass gavel on the first day of the short session!"



...I hear complaints about the lack qualifications and background checks of ACA Navigators from the Anti-everything Obama types....

Take them up on the offer

I think a good reporter with MSNBC or one of the better local papers should take him up on that offer and pull back that curtain on what's really going on there.