Happy Thanksgiving! (political cartoon)

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As we overstuff ourselves on turkey, cranberries and the occasional pumpkin pie, understand the costs to the original inhabitants of North America - the “land of plenty.”

The Europeans brought famine, war, pestilence and disease to an agrarian stone age culture. The decimation of hundreds of tribes spanned across several hundred years and continues to this day with unhonored treaties and an unanswered genocide.

So, let us gives thanks to those millions and millions of killed, maimed and slaughtered Native Americans whose corpses were used to pave the way for the United States Of America.

Now pass the deviled eggs!



Every day I look forward to Stormbear's comic strips so I can promote them to the front page. Today's strip gave me pause. It struck hard and close to a deep sadness I have about the foundation of our country.

There can be little debate that America's rise to power has been built on destruction and domination, which persists to this day both through overt government action (Iraq) and through the ever-increasing corporate takeover of cultures around the world.

This is a hard thing to confront, but confront it we must.

Not confronting it continues the lie.

Sometimes truth isn't funny, but it can open dialog. And that is what is important. I am not sure how many of you know, but Michael Moore helps me out with my soldier charity Books For Soldiers and he has given me some great creative advice.

You can change minds and confront truths more readily if you use humor than you can by something that is not entertaining."

Which is what he does with his films. He has said on many occasions about Roger And Me, "it is a comedy about people losing their jobs." His use of humor is what breaks down barriers and allows people consider another point of view.

Would you and I close our eyes to the horrors of Iraq just to live under Bush's umbrella of lies about his "success" in Iraq? No.

I try to come to gripes with the horrors of the past to better understand where we are today.

Understanding the destruction of the Wampanoag is the only way we can figure out why we allowed slavery at the founding of United States almost 250 years later.

The characters in todays strip are Squanto and Thomas Hunt, a Pilgrim that hunted down Native Americans and sold them to Spain for $20 a piece.

IMO, the Pilgrims were the true savages. The Native Americans gave and the Pilgrims took.

What followed that Thanksgiving feast in 1621 was genocide of maybe up to 100 million people lasting past the Civil War until Wounded Knee.

I apologize for the roughness of today's strip.

Town Called Dobson - Daily Political Cartoon: Not all is red in rural America!

No apologies necessary

This strip has had a more profound effect on me than almost any single piece of communication I've ever come across.

My mother's mother was thought pure blooded Susquehannock, originally from the eastern shore of Maryland. I say "thought" because no one seems to really know and all my relatives on that side of the family have long since passed. She married a Scottish blacksmith from Edinburgh and they settled in Richmond.

Me and the Cherokee

When my ancestors settled in what is now Ashe County from Ireland, some intermarried with some from the Cherokee Nation.

The sad thing is when I was searching my genealogy, I found several Native Americans in the family tree. You can easily tell because they have NO past history and NO maiden name.

So much so that red hair has mostly disappeared. Dark brown hair and brown eyes - my brother is very dark skinned.

There is more Native American genes in folks than most people know about or admit to.

Town Called Dobson - Daily Political Cartoon: Not all is red in rural America!

My beautiful son lives on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation

In Florida. His friend, Charlie Osceola and he have a business together. Charlie is the exception to the rule when it comes to many of the other Seminoles, he doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs and he works every day.

You see, the new plague the White man has brought the Native Americans is gambling. Because of the casinos on their res, each member of their tribe receives $2,000.00 per month. So, you have a family of four, thats $8,000.00 tax free dollars you receive a month.

David tells me that there is at least one person in the tribe dead every month. They od on drugs, they drink and drive and crash into the canals and drown. They don't have to work or go to school or try in any way to better themselves, they get that $$$$ every month.

This seems to be the opposite extreme of poverty, but both have similar consequences. Each could do something about their situations, if they only knew how and if they had the will to make the changes needed. Each has exceptions, but the rule is ignorance. Neither seems to have the leaders needed to guide them out of their bondage.

Been watching programs on the Mayan prediction that 2012 is the end of all things as we know them. It's also been interpreted that it's not the end, but a new beginning.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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