Harry Reid speaks the truth to Republicans and is called "insane" by the NRSCC.

It's about damn time somebody in a leadership position in the Democratic party had the cojones to say publicly what has been obvious to any and all observers regarding the thinly and not so thinly veiled bigoted racist remarks coming from the Tea Party, the far right wing of the GOP and some supposedly "respectable" Republican senators and representatives.

Andrew Rosenthal of the NYTimes, in his today's Taking Note editors blog, frames the question plainly when he writes:

"And so it was today when Senator Harry Reid, the Majority Leader, dared to suggest that there might just be a racial tinge to the Republicans’ wild-eyed outrage over just about everything President Obama says and their implacable opposition to just about everything he does or wants to do. What I am saying is that I suspect — apparently along with Mr. Reid — that a white president with the exact same plans and ideas would not have encountered the same kind of fierce opposition...There is no way other than racism to explain “birtherism.” The whole point is to make Mr. Obama the menacing “other,” to remind everyone that he is African American. Nor is it “insane” to detect a racial undercurrent to the incredible disrespect that’s been shown to this president over the years. Remember when the president addressed Congress in 2009, and Rep. Joe Wilson yelled “you lie!” Then-House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said “I have never in my 29 years heard an outburst of that nature with reference to a president of the United States, speaking as a guest of the House and Senate.” Would that have happened to a white president?"

What I find hard to believe is not that there are racist and bigots in this country, that is a given, what is almost unimaginable is that the once respected GOP has actively attached its name to the Tea Party and other groups that, in my opinion, are nothing more than ideological offspring of the Dixiecrats and other racist and bigoted groups from America's past.

We have tiptoed around this obvious racist lurch to the right by any number of supposedly respectable Republicans including a number of senators and representatives with an R after their names and all the benefit of the doubt given this group has resulted in nothing but more of the same. I say, "Bravo Harry!"

Read Rosenthal's complete blog at http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/09/harry-reid-hopes-its-not-...


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Yikes, "representatives" twice misspelled...mea culpa!

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