Hawke flies away from D'Annunzio campaign

It's not me, it's you:

Hawke said he parted ways in part over D'Annunzio's posts on a blog called "Christ's War," which combines politics with Biblical references and end-times theology. Hawke said he advised the candidate to take it down after a February Observer story quoted passages from it.

"He took it down, told me it was down and down to stay," said Hawke, who advised former Gov. Jim Martin and gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory. "Next I knew it was in the N&O telling me it was back up. ... I don't think any candidate should get up at 3 or 4 in the morning, sit down in front of a computer and pour your heart out. It's just not a smart thing to do."

Jack, you just can't reason with a megalomaniac.

This little incident demonstrates just how unhinged Tim has become:

During a forum, candidates drew cards with random questions. When rival Lou Huddleston of Fayetteville was asked if he supports eliminating federal agencies, he replied without mentioning D'Annunzio.

When D'Annunzio tried to respond, organizers told him according to their ground rules, he couldn't. Party chair Suzanne Rucker took his microphone. He walked off the stage.

On his blog, D'Annunzio said the forum was "put together to enable the home town candidate to attack me while not giving me any opportunity to respond with the truth."

He called the unidentified questioner an "attacker ... typical for these types of destroyers."

First of all, someone needs to explain the term "random" to you. Secondly, the question (in question) was drawn by one of your opponents, not you. Thirdly, this "destroyer" you're complaining about is probably on your side about dismantling the government. If you could pull your head out of your fourth point of contact long enough to get some valuable oxygen up there, you would probably have figured these things out. Then again, maybe not.


Big surprise when lightning strikes

a lightning rod. Should be a very entertaining primary. Popcorn anyone?

Progressives are the true conservatives.

The thing that depresses me,

is how many people in the district will agree with what D'Annunzio has to say. Should be a interesting General if Tim wins the primary.

jihadism spreading

Virginia just elected a theocratic Governor and Attorney General; I don't see why the GOP should reject jihadists running in North Carolina.

Old Testament Jesus weeps.

Seriously, though, Christ's "war" is to urge people to love strangers as their own. Christ quit D'Annunzio's campaign long before brother Jack did.

I know, right?

If Jesus showed up at one of D'Annunzio's machine gun socials, the first thing he would do is turn the wine back into water.