Heath Shuler: An Introduction

Recorded by a very dramatic blogger, this 3 1/2 minute video will give you a picture of Heath Shuler's character and the confidence he's inspired in his supporters.

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Oh, now that's just wonderful

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What an excellent testimonial.

Who could say about Taylor(T) that "he's never disappointed me."?

The more you learn

The more I learn about Heath Shuler, the more confident I am that his honesty and compassionate instincts will result in NC-11 having responsible leadership for the first time in 16 years.

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Here's the link to the diary version at MyDD. Any recs will be appreciated.

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I don't expect to find this on the rec diaries list at Kos, but it's always fun to try, eh? I love that the Kossacks are posting a daily congressional race roundup of all the relevant diaries though, and I expect that our NC candidates have benefitted more than any other states' except Connecticut.

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