Hell has frozen over

From John Hood, of Art Pope's John Locke Foundation, on pay raises for the McCronies:

“I would not hire them at salaries in the 80,000 range. It would be, you know, less than half that amount. And I just cannot imagine a justification for this decision — not just on the merits but also the political optics.”

He then went on to question the administration’s ongoing attempts to defend the salaries:

“I just don’t think that the decision is justifiable. I think that the more they continue to attempt to justify it, the worse it’s gonna’ be for them.”


Tea leaves

Looks like McCrory's political friends are starting to drop him like the unpopular hot potato that he is.

My tea leaves are telling me they're going to hang our dear Deputy Assistant Governor out to dry since he's unable to fulfill the role of the happy faced moderate front that builds support for their extremist policies. They were looking for an idiot to rubber stamp what they wanted; they just didn't expect him to _act_ like an idiot in public.

Then he said....

....I just tell the commoners what they want to hear.....

A stopped clock

Actually, that's too nice. A stopped clock gets it right twice a day, whereas John gets it right maybe twice a year. And even when he does, he can't help but throwing in enough wrongness to taint the result.