Hey Republicans

While I am enjoying the civil war within your ranks, I'd like to offer some modest advice that could grease the skids toward electoral dominance for years to come:

While I am enjoying the civil war within your ranks, I'd like to offer some modest advice that could grease the skids toward electoral dominance for years to come:

  1. Stop being bigoted assholes. You know you don't really care about gays marrying or blacks voting ... these are just bones you're throwing to the Tea Party nut jobs so you can win primaries. Embrace gay marriage and expand access to voting. You'll be glad you did.
  2. Give it up on abortion. Almost none of you really want to restrict access to abortion. It would be devastating to your demographic appeal over the long haul. And the truth is, "pro life" is just another bone you're throwing to the religious zealots who have your party by the throat. Tell them to go fuck themselves.
  3. Support immigration reform. This is a big one. You need immigrants because you can balance your books on their backs. We want reasonable paths to citizenship because it's the right thing to do. Win win.
  4. Stop pissing in the pool. Any homeowner knows you don't piss in your own swimming pool, including you. Embrace fair and practical regulation that preserves our environment. It's not rocket science, and you're on the wrong side of this issue.

Do these four things and you'd win a permanent lock on almost all levels of government in America and here in North Carolina. I know that's easy to say, and hard to do. It would require some honest soul-searching and compromise, instead of relentless pandering to the extremists who call the shots in your party. And if you could do that, you probably wouldn't be Republicans.



I am sure you've heard the one about a tiger and

its stripes. :) Those four are pretty good but you could boil it down to one ... Stop being greedy pricks. If you shared the wealth a bit, people other than white men might like you.

It only requires minor changes

If the Republicans got rid of their evangelical wing, they could get rid of the bigotry and women's issues problems. If they got rid of the racists, they could make the immigration and African-American problems go away. If they could figure out how to rid themselves of the Koch money taking over the party, they could solve that "pissing in the pool" problem.

Of course, if they did all that, they'd just be financially conservative, favorable to big business, and basically be the party they were before Reagan. Or they'd be modern-day Democrats.

From some Republican research on young voters

They have every reason to be worried.



We are not amused.

The last gasps

I think we are seeing the last gasps of the Tea Party in NC. They are all in for Brannon even after the court decision. Tillis has and is moving to the center. I cannot imagine that the Republicans would choose Brannon to face Kay but the Tea Party seems to be ready to make their last stand. Of course most Republicans with a brain realize that abortion, gay marriage, environmental protection and immigration reform are done deals and that there will be not turning back on any of these non-issues. Hopefully everyone will move to the middle and let progress reign.