High Stakes Testing 2014 - the insanity continues

The results are in for the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year. You may recall that last year the Geometry final exam allowed students to pass who got about 10% of the questions correct. Getting zero correct earned a student a 64. This same cohort of students took Algebra 2 as their next math class. The final exam scores came in last week for schools on the 4x4 yearly schedule (4 classes per semester, 90 min. classes). For the just taken Algebra 2 final exam, getting 33% correct earned students a passing score. I guess that is somewhat better than the previous Geometry exam but still quite abysmal.
These tests will be used in teacher evaluations (the new standard 6) via the very problematic (and proprietary) EVAAS software package. More problems with EVAAS are detailed here and here. The crazy part is that the data that will be input into EVAAS to start the evaluation process consists of those worthless final exam scores.
Of course the little brains of the GOP have latched on to EVAAS as a scientifically valid way of measuring student success and teacher effectiveness. The reality is that it is just one more way republicans in North Carolina hack at educators and education. Fortunately the plight of NC teachers has not gone unnoticed ,and our Deputy Assistant Governor has been tripping over himself in mentioning teacher raises at every opportunity. His promises mean little, but I'll tell you good reader, if he does NOT come up with a reasonable raise package for all teachers, he will be reviled like no other state leader I can remember. Whether or not we get raises, he is definitely a twit of the year candidate.
Sadly, I end with this link that shows that being a teacher is cause for regret by 43% of secondary teachers. If this is not reversed, the future of this state and this country will be bleak.


I teach a class at NC State. Special ed intro for teachers

in training. Of the 18 students I have now, 2 stated flat out that they no longer want to be teachers, and 1 said she still wants to teach but NOT in North Carolina.

NC is already coming up way short in replacing teachers that leave the profession and the state. If 16% of prospective teachers bail before they even become teachers, then education with cease to function in NC. We will become a 3rd world, perpetually bankrupt state with zero economic prospects.