HKonJ 2012

I am just back from HKonJ 6. I wanted to create a place with this blog entry for people to share their experiences and photos from the march and rally. For me, it was a great event. It was really empowering to see so many people supporting equality, voting rights, raising awareness about HAVA, and social justice. I saw old friends, made new contacts, and even saw Rep. Miller there as well. What was your experience with this, or past HKonJs?


HKonJ Pics



Groups at the march

Here are some pics of various groups at the march. The credit for these photos goes to Jeff Shaw, the Director of Communications with the NC Justice Center. You'll notice the HAVA Heart signs scattered throughout the pictures.

News Coverage

"Thousands rally for civil rights in downtown Raleigh"

Both [National NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous and North Carolina NAACP head William Barber] said the majority lose when politicians use wedge issues to divide people, citing the example of a proposed amendment to the North Carolina constitution that would enshrine state laws barring gay marriage.

"Advocates for equality rally through Raleigh in HK on J march"

The event addresses education equality, workers' rights and equal protection under the law. Participants say they are rallying for causes such as poverty, rights of the working class and voter suppression.

"HKonJ coalition pushes progressive political agenda in Raleigh"

"The new far-right, Tea Party-backed ultra-conservative leadership of the General Assembly has attacked public education; assailed our voting rights; ignored the cries of the poor and unemployed; sought to divide us by race, income, region and sexual orientation; and tried to sell off our environment to the highest bidder," an advance copy Rev. Barber's speech said.

Even more HKonJ pics

More photos are starting to appear in my facebook photo feed as friends upload them. The credit for these go to Yolanda Carrington:

Voices of HKonJ

Race to the Ballot's pics