House candidate Jim Fulghum caught doing the chicken dance

Jim Fulghum, Republican candidate for NC House 49 in Wake County, has been caught red-handed with his hand in the taxpayers' cookie jar. What does it mean for this free-market worshipping, tax-cut-first-ask-questions-later, John Locke Foundation board member? It means he is a hypocrite.

In 2009, the Raleigh millionaire neurosurgeon received a $100,000 government bailout for his chicken farm in Chatham County. According to the NC Dep. of Agriculture, Fulghum's Deep River Farm received a $100,000 bailout through the Poultry Loss Contract Grant Assistance Program when its live poultry dealer, Pilgrim's Pride, went bankrupt.

Do you think those taxpayer dollars were intended for millionaire neurosurgeons or were they intended for struggling family farms?

Let me put it this way... Fulghum received $100,000 in taxpayer dollars, then turned around and spent $150,000 on his political campaign. Do we really believe this chicken "farmer" needed a bailout?

Voters would need a lobotomy to not see the hypocrisy here. Visit for more.



is one of the new GOP family values ... a prerequisite for Republican party membership for sure.