For being such a reptile, Thom Tillis sure is thin-skinned.

A so-called “dark money” group is coming to Democrat Kay Hagan’s aid in North Carolina, unleashing a new TV ad Wednesday that attacks Republican frontrunner Thom Tillis.

Patriot Majority USA, a nonprofit that doesn’t disclose its donors, is putting $500,000 toward running the ad for the next eight days, a spokesman said.

The 30-second spot doesn’t mention Hagan but it appears to be a response to ads from Americans for Prosperity attacking the first-term senator for supporting the federal health care law. AFP – which is backed by the Koch brothers, Charles and David – has spent more than $6.5 million, on it’s [sic] effort with some estimates putting the price tag at $8 million-plus.

After months of attack ads on Kay Hagan sponsored by outside groups, including Karl Rove's StupidPAC and the Koch brothers' Americans for Pisspoority, Tillis whines about ads that attack him.

Tillis campaign spokesman Jordan Shaw called on Hagan to speak out. “While Kay Hagan denounces the use of outside funds against her, liberals in DC are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars falsely attacking Thom Tillis,” he said in a statement. “Where is Kay Hagan’s statement condemning these ads?

We're guessing that Kay's condemnation statement is right next to Thom's condemnation of the Rove and Koch ads. Remember when Thom condemned those dark money groups for attacking a sitting US Senator? Neither do we.

Gee, that makes it seem like Thom is sort of a...well...hypocrite!



the attacks on Kay Hagan continue, and Hypocritillis hasn't condemned them.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis