If you can't shop in a neighborhood hardware store, which big box do you prefer?


I went to both stores

recently, looking for a certain kind of hinge that I couldn't find at a neighborhood store ... and eventually ended up buying online.

Home Depot gave me the creeps. It was dirty, crowded, noisy, and dark. Every time I go there, I regret it.

Either is fine

Maybe I am lucky in that the two HDs and the Lowes near me are all clean and have attentive employees.

Don't prefer ....

....one over the other, but since there is no Home Depot close by, I am forced to shop at Lowe's if the local hardware store is unable to provide what I need.


An anti-lgbt hate group is boycotting Home Depot for what that's worth:

On the HRC's ratings they give Home Depot a 75, and Lowes a measly 15.


Good to know. Thanks, Jake.

Clean stores don't mean squat if your corporate agenda encourages discrimination.