I'm running for Wake County Commission

I am excited to tell you that I will be a candidate for the Wake County Commission in 2014. My opponent, Paul Coble, is a two term incumbent Republican who stands in the way of progress in Wake County. He has complained that advocates of transit "shouldn't be worried about things 20 or 30 years in the future" while we have "short term concerns." I believe the exact opposite. We can help resolve our short term concerns by thinking about the future, developing goals, and working to achieve those goals. Leadership requires vision. These commissioners don't have it.

I need your help. This is a huge county, with over 650,000 voters. And it isn't cheap to run in a place this big. Please give at www.BurnsforWake.org

My parents are both retired public school teachers. I know what it is like for teachers at the end of the month, coming home to their own children and wondering how to make that last bit of hamburger and two boxes of pasta make it another week. My mom did that, and it's getting worse. I know two Wake County high school teachers, both with doctorates in their field, who can barely make ends meet. We are likely to lose these two brilliant and popular teachers, and many many others, because they can make more in South Carolina than they can here in Wake County. That is shameful.

As Wake County goes, so goes North Carolina. Wake County is the economic and governmental engine that drives this state. As we grow... and boy are we growing... we must think dutifully about the future. Where are we going? What attracts people here and how do we preserve it? How should we grow? What services and systems should we invest in now in order to make this community a great place to live, work, and play for the next century? Short term thinking will not get us there.

I am a proud and lifelong Democrat. I look forward to dispelling the tax and spend attack my opponent will certainly throw (it's all they've got). As an attorney in Raleigh with the Williams Mullen law firm, I represent my clients in commercial litigation and arbitration, and am developing a practice in renewable energy projects. Through my practice, I advise and represent businesses every day, and understand how the decisions of regulators and courts can impact the economy, individual businesses, and employees. I understand that government spends other people's money. Decisions made with that money must be very carefully deliberated, and a return on investment in the community must be demonstrated.

Most importantly, I am Janice's husband and the father of three beautiful kids, all of whom are in Wake County Public Schools. I'm a product of the old High Point Public Schools, Davidson College, and Wake Forest University School of Law. I am active as an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church of Raleigh, and serve as a youth advisor to our high school youth program and President of the church Foundation. As Chairman of the City of Raleigh's Environmental Advisory Board, I helped develop Raleigh's award winning sustainability program. Wake County is my home. I love it here, and I want my children to grow up in, and come home to, a Wake County that offers them the same boundless opportunity it has offered me.

I look forward to campaigning and offering myself to the citizens of Wake County as a candidate for Wake County Commissioner. I would appreciate your financial and volunteer support.

Please contribute today at www.BurnsforWake.org (full website coming soon)



Good luck with your race, John.

Thanks, Jim.

I appreciate it.

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