Insatiable greed

This morning's Star-News carried an article about a drug, Makena, that has been used for some time to help prevent pre-mature birth. The drug has been available, apparently through compounding pharmacies, for about $10-20 per injection ... with an at-risk mother perhaps needing as many as 30 shots.

KV pharmaceuticals recently won "government approval" to exclusively sell this drug and raised the price to $1500 per injection.

The AP story is here: Makena Read it. The KV CEO's statement is stunning. Greed personified. I just don't get it. Do you?


I get it

It's the American way. Thou shalt screw thy neighbor if you can make a buck in the deal.

Go free market!

This guy gets it...a must read.

From the SF Chronicle: the American way...

Stan Bozarth