Is it 2010 yet? Burr not helping himself.

From the Fitzsimon File:

Burr said that he didn’t think too highly of Senator Barack Obama and former Senator John Edwards, saying the issues Edwards is campaigning on won’t be “high-level priorities.”

The issues Edwards is campaigning on are anti-poverty issues, raising the minimum wage, increasing access to health care and other proposals to help people struggling to make ends meet. You can disagree with Edwards’ solutions, but it’s hard to argue that they are not high priority issues for the country.

Maybe Burr doesn’t think they are important, but most people in North Carolina and across the country do.

Just what are Burr's priorities?

Where does he stand on Iraq?

"Failure is not an option. We owe it to our troops and to the Iraqi people to remain committed to supporting a free and stable Iraq. The Iraqi leadership must rise to the challenge — the world is watching. It is critical for the Iraqi government to take immediate steps to disband the sectarian militias and death squads, pass key oil sharing legislation and hold provincial elections."
- Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.

From Anglico, we hear about Burr's "stand" on cigarettes.

When you're a Senator in the Party of Greed from Winston-Salem, it's perfectly predictable that you'd also be a pimp for Big Tobacco. Never mind the irrefutable evidence about the addictive power of nicotine. Never mind the hundreds of thousands of deaths each year linked to smoking and second hand smoke. No, never mind anything except the unbridled right of Big Tobacco to push their killer drugs.

And while you're never-minding, don't forget to thank Senator Richard Burr for choosing once again to protect profits instead of people.

Richard Burr - against science, against truth, against working people. Is it 2010 yet?


The complete breakdown?

Are we seeing the complete breakdown of the Republican party in North Carolina? Can they really be saying things as stupid as "poverty, the minimum wage, the environment, and getting out of Iraq" are wrong?

Where are the candidates?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

They don't know what they stand for

except for when they stand for higher corporate profits. It has become a party bereft of vision.

If I remember, selling out our nuclear security to Canada

Is one of Burrr's priorities.

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks

I really hope

All that info is saved on your hard drive. Cause in 4 years if the BlueNC community cant pull together to setup a PAC and go Art Pope on Burr over stuff like that we have bigger problems.

"Keep the Faith"

I'm more of a scribbled notes on Congressional record guy

Those notes are somewhere ...

I always wanted to be the avenging cowboy hero—that lone voice in the wilderness, fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice. - Bill Hicks


Its not. And we have a bigger target.

Remember, Dole was elected with the words that she would be an independent voice for all North Carolina. She would stand up for us. She was going to be just as annoying to Washington, DC Republicans as Washington, DC Democrats.

Burr was elected as a shill. Lets get rid of the liar before getting rid of the idiot.

"Keep the Faith"

She's so much more than just a liar.

But, I'm on a borrowed computer and I have to get unpacked, so just don't have time to go into it. Lying is just the tip of the ice berg with that bitch.(Sorry, I know that's gender-based name calling, but there you have it. I'm in a house full of wingnuts and I'm not in the mood to choose my words more carefully.)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.

Here's what has been important to Burr

Voting against allowing negotiated drug prices for Medicare Part D, voting against additional armored vehicles for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voting for the Military Commissions Act of 2006 authorizing torture and against the right of habeas corpus.

His voting record...and this is the teeny tip of the iceberg...ought to assure his demise. People simply need to know.

Stan Bozarth