Is there a Bush Study Group? (political cartoon)

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I was really shocked at the negative tone the Iraq Study Group used when detailing their report to Congress and to the President. However, I give the overall report a C+ since what is in the report has been blogged about constantly for the past 2-3 years.

My immediate response was "duh."

So now we will wait to see what the President's reaction will be once he has had a chance to read it. I wonder how many soldiers will die before that happens?

It is bullshit like this that makes me a firm believer in impeaching this President. I really don't care if he has three days left in his term or three years, he deserves to be booted out of office.

Yes, I have heard the cries telling us that now is the time to show America what Dems can do. What about showing the world what Americans can do? What about justice? I never hear anyone tell a criminal that they will not be prosecuted since there is only three days to go before the statute of limitations runs out.

Why are Dems willing to give this guy a pass?

Frankly, I think this is part of the Congressional oversight that has been sorely missing. It was even mentioned in the testimony from the ISG yesterday - Congressional oversight has been missing in action. If the Dems are not going to exercise their powers of subpoena, oversight and impeachment, I am unsure why they are now in office.

I really hope, somewhere in the bowels of Congress there is a Bush Study Group with their nose to the grindstone.


Go Penguins!

I have a feeling they are going to give Bush a good talking to.

Will he listen or just play with his dominoes?

Love it.

I especially like the media mangle with all their hands up in the air. Very cool.


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So everyone in the world except Bush accepts the facts

There should be a Bush study group, that would occupy someone for about 15 minutes....

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