ISS stats on DAG McCrory's shadow PAC Renew NC

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, spends money on political ads like a duck, it's a f$$king duck:

As a so-called "social welfare" 501(c)(4) nonprofit, number of its donors the group, since renamed the Renew North Carolina Foundation, must publicly disclose: 0

Limits Renew NC must adhere to on contributions from lobbyists and corporations, which are banned from giving directly to candidates: 0

Date on which McCrory told reporters who questioned his participation in Renew NC's high-dollar events that "[e]verything we are doing is right regardless of the perception you are giving": 6/26/2013

This is another massive fail by the NC Board of Elections. The television ad which all of us (including the BOE) have watched for too many days now was obviously (and poorly) acted out by the Governor, meaning he is actively and directly involved with Renew North Carolina's efforts. In case that's not a clear enough description, here are two more words for the BOE to mull over: coordinated communications.


Filing a complaint?

Someone needs to, if we want the BoE to investigate.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

I just explained some of this to my mom

I've been staying with her this week due to some health problems (on her part), and this painful-to-watch McCrory ad has played on the telly countless times. Since she's an old-school Republican and prone to get her dander up when I start talking politics and stuff, I've patently ignored these insults to our intelligence. But a little while ago, during said propaganda, she mentioned something about McCrory's popularity tumbling. So, you know, I had to fill in some gaps in her knowledge. :)

So I talked about the mystery people running an ad three years before election time, at which she observed, "I thought that seemed odd." Yes, mother. It is odd.

I also told her about all the patronage appointments Aldona Wos had made, and we both agreed that kind of stuff was really bad. ;)

But I've learned from experience, if I try to water this plant too much it will wilt. Or attack me viciously. One of those two things. :)

He's not a candidate

He's not the governor. He's not the deputy assistant governor. He's not the object of anyone's affection. He's nobody and, as a result, there's no coordination. He might as well not exist.

Hah! The man who knew too little.

He's also not a lawyer, which is apparently no longer a requirement to join a law firm. ;)

I can only think of him now

as Governor Zoolander with eye-liner and a headband. Skinny black jeans, boots with lifts and a silk shirt unbuttoned with gold chains, a vacuous facial expression and an empty head. When he tries to think he squints his eyes and purses his lips just like the character. I know it's a really bad movie but it feels like we are living in one right now.

More like a nightmare

that keeps getting more and more unrealistic as it unfolds. And to think, we've got three more years of this joker before we can wake up. If we wake up, that is...

Oh yes...

A Nightmare on Jones Street. Paddy Krueger.