JimBlackMustGo is Going

Joe Sinsheimer is taking his ball and going home. Pay to play still rules at the State Legislature and few players have stepped up to lead the charge for ethical government, and least of all the leadership. Sinsheimer hand delivered a letter to Governor Mike Easley in which he asked the Governor to call for Jim Black's resignation as Speaker.

In addition he asked Easley to rescind Bill Culpepper's nomination to the State Utilities Commission in the light of Culpepper's acceptance of a Bellsouth PAC contribution after his nomination and he asked Easley to:      ...more below...

conduct a top-to-bottom review of ethics in state government with a goal of eliminating, or at least greatly reducing, the “pay-to-play culture” that permeates Jones Street and other parts of state government.

The Charlotte Observer first broke this story:
12:14 pm | Anti-Black Web site will disappear

Former Democratic campaign researcher Joe Sinsheimer announced Wednesday that he will take down his Web site, www.jimblackmustgo.com, at the end of the month, almost a year after creating it.

"I have had my say and my role in this fight is finished," Sinsheimer wrote in a letter to Gov. Mike Easley Tuesday. Sinsheimer will continue to run his venture capital firm in Raleigh.


He called on Easley to ask Black to resign.
Easley's office said he had not yet seen the letter.
Black's office offered no comment.

Now that Black is clearly in the crosshairs of Federal prosecutors Sinsheimer is retooling his advocacy agenda. The spotlight on Black also helped flush out other unsavory practices related to lobbying and campaign finance most notably the insidious influence of payday lending money. While his role in the Black affair has been superceded by Federal prosecutors, he believes reform will still have to come from the top down and has started at the top, with Mike Easley:

There are political reasons to address this problem now as the scandal surrounding Speaker Black is hurting Democratic candidates today and has the potential to hurt our party in the crucial 2008 elections. Democrats need to show North Carolina that good government is more important than party loyalty.


Wow, this isn't good.

This is as close to as a defeat as we can get right now. Jim Black is going to destroy the Democratic Party in NC and its passion to help its people. No one, not even party members, will be able to trust it to run government if Governor Easley shows he chooses party over the people.

Do the right thing Black. Step down now.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

Our children need to know that some people fought back, when others collaborated.

How is this playing in the field?

I haven't heard one person bring it up, but I live in a progressive bastion.

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Saw an ad today

during the noon news on WRAL for ... I forget who, actually. Some repub or other. The ad used a lot of headlines about Black's ethical problems and had a voice over saying something about "democrats are too busy with these scandals to be effective in the House."

Neal Hunt

He's an incumbent State Senator running against Gerry Bowles. His had also has immigration as an issue. In other words he's running on a platform that has nothing to do with himself.