Jiminy Cricket

In case you haven't visited the Puppetshow lately, you might want to swing by for a close-up view of so-called adults grinding away inside a "multi-million-dollar opinion manufacturing" machine. Their current fantasy is a bit of recycled garbage masquerading as science on the important topic of climate change.

RALEIGH – If North Carolina cut its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, what effect would it have on global warming? Nothing that could be measured, even after 100 years. That’s according to a Spotlight report published today by the John Locke Foundation.

For those unfamiliar with the John Locke Foundation, "Spotlight report" is a Puppetshow euphemism for "half-assed research" presented as though it actually means anything of importance to anyone. This particular piece of drivel is especially instructive, though, because it reveals the JLF standard operating procedure:

1. Start with some facts that no one would dispute
2. Pretend like those facts are relevant for informed discussion
3. Trot out a "Puppet Scientist"
4. Attribute nefarious motives to people who believe in planning
5. Get the steno pool at the N&O to regurgitate your "report"
6. Declare victory

I've been active in North Carolina's environmental movement for nearly two decades and have talked with hundreds of people about this issue over the years. NOT ONE PERSON in any of those discussions has ever even hinted to me that policy changes in North Carolina would have a direct and measurable effect on global climate change. As usual, the Puppets are arguing something that no one disputes.

The real issue - and this is something that Puppets are congenitally unable to understand - is about the role of excellence, leadership and planning in public policy. Puppets argue that good things happen only when Bidness 'n' Industry gets around to it. They argue that their precious free markets will save whatever days need saving. They argue that planning is a bad thing. They are, to put it bluntly, full of shit.

North Carolina can and should be a leader in fostering the small innovations and improvements here that will lead to the big innovations and improvements in other states and other countries that can change the world. North Carolina can take the essential first steps that someone has to take to demonstrate that Green is the next big growth industry for America. And North Carolina leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to take protect and preserve its natural resources of our state for future generations.

Puppets hate planning. That's why the Puppetmaster pays his so-called "experts" to find fault with forward-thinking policy at every turn. That's why his "multi-million dollar opinion manufacturing" machine is driven by government-haters. They always start with ideological conclusions and then look for whatever shreds of evidence they can find to the snooker newspaper reporters who swallow their baloney. What's so amazing is that so few people have called them on their BS. Until now.

It's easy to reach the Puppet Scientist. Just click on the cricket.


Thank you Disney.

Given all the BS you pulled with your Path to 9/11 propaganda, I figured you could use a little exposure on North Carolina's leading progressive blog!