Latest AFP/Civitas tour to be fueled by Tea Party hot air

In perhaps the most audacious attempt yet to turn a pile of happy horseshit into gold, Americans For Prosperity and the Civitas Institute are sponsoring a "Real Solutions" tour next week in an attempt to convince people that their deep budget cuts to education are *good* for North Carolina. Help us nip this insanity in the bud: please take a look at the tour stops in the article below and if you would like to get more involved in setting the record straight when they come near you, drop me a line: katymunger @ We need to talk ... thank you!

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N.C. Real Solutions Coming To a Town Near You

See Progress NC's website at for more on the featured speaker for this tour and her ties to the Tea Party and a crazy ultra-rightwing pyramid scheme.

The description of the tour is here:

N.C. Real Solutions Coming To a Town Near You

Raleigh, NC – In an effort to continue educating North Carolina citizens about the real solutions being delivered by the new state budget, two of North Carolina’s most recognized supporters of limited government and individual liberty will hit the... more at



Feeling left out west of Charlotte.