Lazy and privileged

Today I'm not writing about Richard Burr, although the three adjectives certainly apply to him. No, in this case, I'm writing about a post from Under the Dome. I confess that my expectations for political reporting in North Carolina can hardly get much lower, but when I read stuff like this, even that low bar drops a few notches.

The Republican spin machine was working overtime after Tuesday night's Senate debate. “Tonight, Richard Burr proved once again that he is the right person to lead North Carolina,” declared state Republican Party chairman Tom Fetzer in a release from the state GOP.

Chimed in the National Republican Senatorial Committee: “Tonight's debate served as yet another reminder that Marshall's liberal views are out of touch with mainstream North Carolinians and the Tar Heel State cannot afford her rubber stamp support for President Obama's reckless economic agenda in Washington.”

And from the Democratic spin machine? Nada.

One gets the impression of a helpless cowbird chick in a nest, mouth wide open waiting for any passing bird to drop a pre-digested worm into its mouth.


To carry this gross analogy one step too far

It's bad enough to take anything that comes their way with mouths wide open, but then to regurgitate that crap as though it's actually meaningful? WTF did Christensen expect Uncle Fester to day?

I get the sense that this is all a big, fucking game to these people. And if you don't play the game their way, well, you're pretty much shit out of luck.

It's no wonder so many old-school media are in a death spiral. The charade is all too transparent.