Let the 2014 Election speculation begin

Playing on a gerrymandered game board:

Democrats have been weakened in Raleigh and their party leadership has been in disarray of late, but liberal groups, some business groups and others disaffected with legislative decisions on public education are laying the groundwork for challenges to vulnerable Republican lawmakers. Democrats don’t expect to win control of either house, but they see a chance to reduce their disadvantage heading into 2016’s elections, when they hope to bounce Gov. Pat McCrory.

Is that really the best we can hope for? Maybe getting rid of the Veto-proof aspect of the Republican majority in the General Assembly so a Democratic Governor taking over in 2017 can (try to) block some of their idiotic policies? I think we can do better. Am I crazy?


The nonsense of low expectations

Republicans took control with Democratic-drawn districts in 2010, and Democrats can do the same to Republicans in 2014.

It is also possible to capture 4 of the 7 seats on the NC Supreme Court in 2014.

2 branches of the GOP-controlled NC government are up for grabs.

The only thing that matters is possessing the will to work for change.

Political talking heads love to talk about maps and money and districts and dollars.

However, recent history shows that entire enterprise is continually subject to "unusual wave" elections over and over again. Those "wave" elections happen more often than listening to the political consultant complex would lead one to believe.

Radical change can happen in NC in 2014.

The filing deadline is noon Friday, February 28.

You have 2 months to get good candidates in EVERY race.

Get to work.



Voter turnout is the key. And running good candidates is the key to that...key. Whatever, if you don't give them a damn good reason to come out in a mid-term, you're stuck with the results.