Letter to the editor: re Dix Lease Bill HB319

Letter to the Editor, Raleigh News and Observer
March 16. 2013

While I acknowledge that HB319 is an unusual piece of legislation and not a good precedent in some ways, I support the Dix Lease bills and the sponsors who introduced them. Theirs is a far more fair and balanced approach to dealing with the Dix Campus than that of the Democrats in the legislature and on the Council of State in recent years.The elected members of the Council of State rushed to approve the lease and ignored anyone who gave any argument against the proposal that came from the Raleigh group, the so-called "Dix Visionaries."

The current plan to build a park on land with many environmental hazards, at a time when there is a severe shortage of beds for those with psychiatric diagnoses just does not add up for me. Both Democrats and Republicans in the NCGA need to look at the property with an open mind. Spewing venom as the editorial writer did on your editorial page adds nothing of value to what should be a reasonable discussion of the bills introduced in the General Assembly last week.

Martha Brock
Cary, NC

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Senate discusses Dix deal

Martha Brock