Liberal ideas

Interesting to see this kind of opinionating leak into the opening paragraph of a front-page story in the Charlotte News and Observer this morning:

North Carolina lawmakers are approving bills that push liberal ideals such as more comprehensive sex education in public schools and so-called "green bills" to protect the state's beaches from plastic bags.

If this is what passes for "liberal" in the Old North State, we are surely on the road to hell. Imagine the horrors of giving young people proper information about sex. And even worse, keeping beaches from becoming trash cans. Too bad Senator Basnight, the man behind the beach plastic bag ban, doesn't extend that same philosophy to prohibiting hardened structures on the coast.


So glad you posted this

It made me crazy to see such a headline this morning.

Even GOP leader Rep. Skip Stam disagreed with the premise of the article --- AND WAS QUOTED IN IT!

What has become of McClatchy-NC?


Looks like all this "belt tightening"

has resulted in McClatchy and many other "news organizations" getting rid of their journalists.

Consider the writer

It's no wonder the tone of the story's intro is slanted to the right. The lead writer, Mark Johnson, who has been with the Charlotte paper seemingly forever, is very conservative and it often shows in his reporting. For instance, he was once sent to Iraq, just at the time when all hell was breaking loose with the insurgency, bombs throughout Baghdad, etc., and reported back to those of us in Charlotte that, well, everything seems hunky-dory over here! I'll never forget it. Why they can't tone down this tool's writing in the editing process is beyond me (except for the fact that they've fired a slew of copy editors, of course).