Mail Fraud - In my opinion

In my opinion the Governor McCrory, his Secretary of Transportation - Mr. Tata, and Kathy Brannan of the Liability Insurance Unit are in engaging in Mail Fraud and Conspiracy by sending out License Plate Revocation letters with no basis. I have to say in my opinion or I am sure they would come after me for slander even though it is the truth.

It would be nice if the Federal Government would enforce their laws regarding Mail Fraud and Conspiracy on a non-selective basis and prosecute these people. But, I know it will never happen :-(



Interesting proposition

I doubt this particular angle will play, but I love the creative thinking and would like to see a lot more of it on many fronts.

My go-to non-profits these days are the ones that are deeply engaged in challenging Art Pope's Right Wing Noise Machine in court.

Thanks for the post.


PS If Tata's involved, there's a better than even chance the whole operation will go FUBAR. First the corrupt Washington DC school system, then the corrupt Wake County school system, and now the corrupt Pat McCrory administration. The Peter Principle is alive and well.