Make a Point. Make it Sharpe.

Meet Roger Sharpe in this short video.

If your neighbor’s house were destroyed, what would you do? Seriously. Of course you would provide food or clothing or money or whatever was needed.

When Hurricane Katrina slammed the Gulf, most of us watched on TV, shocked and embarrassed that our government was doing nothing. Roger Sharpe got in his car and drove to Mississippi and rolled up his sleeves. He considered Mississippians his neighbors because they’re part of the American community.

In this second short video, see how the experience affected him.

Now Roger is running for Congress and it’s our turn for action. In Washington, he’ll represent the best of each of us -- the part that would get in the car and drive to Mississippi.

But to get there, Roger needs that hundred dollars that is sitting on your desk. He’s too humble to ask you for it because he’s your neighbor. Consider it gas money. Maybe you don’t have a C-note lying around, but you know if you wanted to, in five minutes you could raise that amount from friends and relatives.

Instead of sitting idly by, this man is a decisive and thoughtful leader. Unlike his opponent, Virginia Foxx, Roger will go to Washington with no strings attached. He has pledged not to take a dime from PACs or any special interests.

Please visit Roger's website and donate now!


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Here's the link.

Good call to action.

Recommended, here and there.

Please do.

We need as many people as possible to see these clips of Roger and to know that he needs some money for his campaign. Also, to know that he can win this race, even in a gerrymandered district if he can get his message out there.
Thanks for all you do. FyI, there are a few more video clips to come in the next few days.

These videos AND MORE

can now be found at Roger's website.