Making The List

Earlier this week, Jerry Meek asked for ideas about who to recruit to run against our senior senator in 2008. The list is below the fold. It's a long list, with a bunch of names that have already been ruled out ... but I put them all here for the record.

The big question, of course, is who one of these people might be running against. I'd just about bet my status as a BlueNC front-pager that Elizabeth Dole is done for. She's looking tired, as well she should. She got the tar stomped out of her last week and has nothing to show for it. Sadly, North Carolina and America don't have much to show for it either.

The List (so far)

John Atkins
Chuck Ball
William Barber
Dan Blue
Erskine Bowles
Cynthia Brown
Roy Cooper
Janet Cowell
Mary Easley
Mike Easley
Elizabeth Edwards
Bob Etheridge
Bill Friday
Kay Hagen
Jim Hunt
Charlie Gaddy
Robert Johnson
Allen Joines
Michael Jordan
Ellie Kinnaird
Larry Kissell
Erin Kuczmarski!
Howard Lee
Elaine Marshall
Tom McGannon
Mike McIntyre
Jerry Meek
Charles Meeker
Brad Miller
Richard Moore
Carmen Hooker Odom
Elizabeth Oxley
Sarah Parker
Beverly Perdue
David Price
Nido Qubein
Charlie Rose
Deborah Ross
Tom Ross
Terry Sanford Jr.
Heath Shuler
Dean Smith
Mel Watt
Dennis Wicker
Stick Williams

I may have missed one or two. Please let me know and I'll add 'em in. Thanks!


My favorites

to my own surprise, are not the usual suspects. I fully expect the seat to be open, which means it'll be a free-for-all of epic proportions.

On the right? Who knows. Bill "the Ambulance Chaser" Graham or Fred "The Asphalt King" Smith? Maybe even Puppetmaster Pope? Lord knows, the all have enough money.

But my guess is North Carolina may be really, really ready for an regular person with common sense. Maybe even someone who hasn't spent his or her whole life in politics.

The netroots and the grassroots and the mood of the We the People may all conspire for changes of epic proportions. Over the next two years, Bush and the Party of Greed will continue to try to frighten America, scaring people half to death with lies and threats about terrorism, taxes, immigrants and worse. Those tactics will continue to work on some people, but fewer and fewer will buy that happy horseshit as long as AWOL George is king. He'll be the number one recruiting tool for moderated Dems, just like he's the number one recruiting tool for al Quaeda. Any Republican in North Carolina will have to run, run, run away from the national party. Which means they'll be schizophrenic as hell, standing for nothing but hate and greed.

As I've said before, I do hope Liddy stays in the race. Half the people on the list up top could take her out.

one more

Robert Johnson, founder of BET and owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and new Chairman of RLJ. He could self fund and win the suburbs and exurbs with a moderate pro-business message.

To make it historically even more significant, the first African American U.S. Senator (Hiram Rhodes Revels) was born in NC and moved to Mississippi. Robert Johnson was born in Mississippi and moved to NC.

He has experience as a press secretary for a congressional delegate and as a lobbyist.


In case you doubt the ability of the netroots to back a media mogul, he has a similar background to Ned Lamont.

Not a conservative?

I remember hearing (and being surprised to hear) that he's conservative -- maybe even a Republican. Could be wrong, but worth looking into...

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Thanks, ibathe

I remember seeing your comment on another thread. I'll add his name. Good thinking.

Mike McIntyre.

Mike McIntyre.


Sorry Anglico, one more

Erskine Bowles. Why?

1. 3rd time is a charm.
2. He recently had laser eye surgery and the glasses won't be an issue.
3. It's a new, bluer country. People are starting to look foundly at the Clinton years -- moreso than in 2004.
4. It would be a head to head rematch. Bowles can hold her to her 2002 promises and show what a failure she was.
5. 3rd time is a charm.

Got it.

He's off to a decent start at UNC . . . interesting.

Which ones have already been ruled out?

Don't keep us in suspense, Anglico! Will you post the ruled-out names in the comments here or, better yet, make a new post with the reason each is ruled out?


Feel like you're spinning your wheels?
Get some Traction... turning energy into progressive movement

Meeker getting international attention

Interesting little piece in The N&O

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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