March with the Puppermaster on Saturday!

Well, BlueNCers,

You have no doubt heard about the HKonJ march this coming Saturday. I am happy to report weather forecasts are calling for a beautiful day. I am also happy to report that a morning of sewing, cutting and pasting has whipped our 9-foot tall puppetmaster (courtesy of Paperhand Puppet Intervention) into shape and he will be leading the Democracy NC contingent at the march. This is, of course, a total homage to James, who rightfully holds the banner when it comes to all Puppermaster communiques.

I would love it if some of you joined us.


Join Democracy North Carolina on February 12th for the 5th HKonJ. This annual gathering brings thousands of North Carolinians together for a march on the General Assembly Legislative Building in Raleigh -- and we are going to have a lot of fun marching this year. We have very special plans involving signs, drums, a 9-foot tall mystery guest and much more. We also want to include you! Volunteer to play a role in our street theater event (you can be a corrupt politician and wear a puppethead, hand out flyers, drum, hold a banner or sign, chant or just march along). This is a family-friendly gathering and a great way to teach your children that democracy is worth standing up for. So feel free to bring them along. Little ones will likely appreciate a wagon, stroller or large dog to ride.

We'll gather just past 9 AM on Saturday, February 12th at the corner of Wilmington and South Streets, next to Shaw University in Raleigh. There is supposed to be a parking lot right there you can use. Join us!

If you can volunteer to take part in the street theater portion of the day, please email me at

It would be really fun to meet some of you so I hope you can make it.



Dang, I wish I could be there.

I'm living in Maryland most of this year ... and am seriously thinking about never coming back. Judging with the benefit of a little distance, North Carolina is starting to look a lot like something a dog threw up.

Give us five years and we'll be at the bottom of the economic barrel. The only winners will be bottom-feeders like Variety Wholesalers.

I'll make it if I can

Got some family stuff going on right now that makes it appear unlikely, but who knows.

By the way, James, you can't leave us for good. North Carolina is like the Mafia: Just when you think you can get out, it drags you back in. ;)

Sounds like fun

I'll be there!

The Puppetmaster exposed!

I was playing the role of one of the politician puppets. In particular I'm the one there in the red tie there being led around by the puppetmaster (although the arm that was manipulating me most directly was none other than our very own Katy Munger).

Update: Found a nice wider-view shot on the NC Justice Center's facebook:

That was so much fun!!!

Jake, I don't want to give you an even bigger head than you had yesterday (heh heh heh) but you were amazing yesterday. Don't know how you wore that head for so long, but thank you for it. It is, as always, a pleasure to pull strings on behalf of such nice people and such a worthy cause.

It's been a stressful year so far with so many changes looming on the horizon and so many battles to fight just to keep the progress we have made, so yesterday was a welcome and badly needed reminder that none of us walk alone in this fight. There was an hour there, walking through the streets, with people chanting and the drummers drumming and thousands of others before and after our group, when I really felt so proud of everyone. I thought of Egypt for sure and felt like we were somehow marching in solidarity a little. It was very energizing.

I really need to give a shout out to Cakalak Thunder from Greensboro. Here is their facebook page. They are a drum corps that marches in support of social justice and are sort of a free-lance resource for worthy causes. They were amazing! Having them with us literally put a spring in our steps. The fact that nearly all of them were well under thirty years old was wonderful in its own right. I loved having them with us.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....