Marshall Adame vs Jason Thigpen...WECT TV Interviews, Compare and Decide

Rarely do voters get a chance to see Candidates side by side for an in-depth interview, so I decided to provide you that opportunity.

As concerned North Carolinans, selecting a Candidate to represent the party in the General election is extremely important, and making an informed decision is the key to selecting the best candidate.
Please go to the link below and view Marshall Adame's interview with Jon Evans of WECT TV in Wilmington. I think that you will agree that Marshall Adame is a candidate that is about substance on issues that affect the voters of North Carolina and the nation.

Marshall is running for the US House of Representatives in the 3rd Congressional District of North Carolina.

Be both interviews and you decide...If you go to WECT TV website and look for Thigpen's interview you can watch both. This link is to the Marshall Adame interview.


It would really, really suck

if we allowed two Republicans to run against each other in the General Election come November.