Martinez to join McCrory's press office

Martinez to join McCrory's press office

By Laura Leslie of

Posted: 10:09 p.m. today

McCrory spokeswoman Kim Genardo confirms Rick Martinez will join the governor's press office.

Martinez is Curtis Media Group's longtime news director for WPTF and NC News Network. He's also a conservative columnist for the News and Observer.

Martinez is McCrory's second local media hire. Genardo was the first, moving quickly from reporting on the governor at NBC 17 to a job as his spokesperson.

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rick martinez' wet dream has finally reached its climax?

Let the spinning begin

Be prepared for irrelevant analogies and look-who-else-is-doing-this's as little Ricky strives to tie ribbons on McCrory's pigs.

As horribly as Martinez has mangled the truth in the past, this should put him squarely in McCrory's top five "worst person for the job".