McCrory assesses his job in NC SPIN TV interview

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McCrory assesses his job in NC SPIN TV interview
Submitted by cjarvis on 2013-09-13

Gov. Pat McCrory [was] the guest on NC SPIN, the statewide public affairs TV program, this weekend.

In an interview with host Tom Campbell, McCrory talks about his surprises and challenges in the job.

He also stands up for his cabinet, saying its members comprise the best cabinet in the country. McCrory says they're not getting the attention they deserve.

That might come as a surprise to some of them, who could use a little less attention lately.

Link to the video of the interview with NC SPIN at

Here is a summary of some of the unwanted attention Gov. McCrory's Secretary of Health and Human Services received in recent days courtesy of NC Policy Watch: "McCrory amazingly oblivious to mounting criticism of HHS."



Here's a sampling of his "best cabinet".

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