McCrory's second year is already looking like a bad instant replay

Deputy Assistant Governor McCrory's failure to replace the incompetent head of DHHS has attracted a lot of media attention, triggering a predictable round of whining about the mean old press from the Governor's mansion. Thomas Mills has a few words of advice McCrory would be wise to consider:

So don’t take it personally. Do something about it. Either take responsibility for some of the messes yourself or hold someone accountable in your administration. Otherwise, you’re going to continue to get bad press and look like a weak governor. You obviously didn’t learn that your first year. You would be wise to learn it this one.

The press is not going away so you better get used to it. They’ve been skulking around the capitol for over two hundred years, causing politicians heartburn and occasionally giving them joy. In the scheme of things, you’re just passing through. The press is here to stay.

Sadly, the beleaguered McCrory doesn't have the wherewithal for introspection or self-improvement. Having made disastrous decisions on so many fronts (DHHS, Commerce, DENR, Medicaid, teacher pay, reproductive rights), he's doubling down on them all. It'd going to be a long three years.


One quibble

McCrory's problem isn't that he "looks" like a weak governor. McCrory's problem is that he IS a weak governor. Or more correctly, a weak Deputy Assistant Governor. Just ask Art Pope.

Pull his string

and he talks! Like those toys when we were growing up, he has a limited repertoire:

  1. It's Bev's fault!
  2. Steppin' on toes!
  3. Aldona's trying' to fix that debacle and I support her!
  4. The media is out to get me!
  5. Things are lookin' up!
  6. That's just them fringe liberals!

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis

"I know you are but what am I?"

One more "quote" from DAG.

I have one of these!