Meet Thomas $tith, Right-Wing Republican


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Meet Durham mayoral candidate Thomas $tith, extreme right-wing Republican, as he waxes nostalgic for the Reagan years. Of course, this is a non-partisan election, so we don't want to talk about that partisan stuff, right?

After all, Thomas $tith is running on a platform of "change"--innocuous enough. What sort of change, pray tell? Let's take a look at some of Thomas's friends.

Here's the guest list for the little party Thomas is talking about in the video, a fun little gathering called "The Conservative Leadership Conference":

Patrick McHenry
Grover Norquist
Newt Gingrich
Elizabeth Dole
Rudy Giuliani
Richard Viguerie

With friends like that, it's no wonder Thomas $tith wants to make this a non-partisan election. He is, after all, a good little puppet.


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But it's breaking the frames. In any case, thanks for posting it. $tith is the pits.

And congrats on the new blog in the Bull City! Very great.

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It had to be done.

And somehow, I knew you would do it.


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