Money Isn't Everything

So I'm surfing the net the other day, and what do I find? Greensboro's Yes Weekly made the following comment:

The anniversary of Katrina reminded folks that District 5 incumbent Virginia Foxx was one of only 11 in Congress to vote against the post-storm aid package. But even though the netroots have discovered the candidacy of Roger Sharpe, he doesn't have anywhere near the dough he needs to mount a strong enough challenge.

Now, I'm not naive enough to think that money doesn't factor into political campaigns, but I do know a little about Roger Sharpe's campaign.

As I wrote some time ago at TPM Cafe, one of the primary philiosophies of the Sharpe campaign is that you can't clean house with mud on your shoes.

Roger Sharpe specifically and publicly has stated that he will not accept special interest PAC money. He has said that Foxx is bought and paid for, and that is one of the primary reasons for his candidacy.

Roger wants to give the voters a choice: a representative with a war chest created by corruption, cronyism, and special interests, or a grassroots, netroots, people-powered campaign for a candidate who cares about the people of his district and the future of our country.

Of course money is an issue. But Roger has faith in the voters of the 5th District. He believes they want something better, for now and for the future.

Every time these papers say that Roger can't win simply because he can't match Foxx dollar for corrupt dollar, they are slapping every volunteer canvasser, and blogger, and LTTE writer, and individual contributor in the face.

But guess what? All that does is emolden us furter. The system is afraid of change, but change is what we're going to give 'em.

Foxx can keep her millions. I'm already sold on Roger Sharpe.



I've been doing lots of reading about Roger and am, belately, throwing myself into the fray with a willingness to do whatever will help.

For example, I'm recommending this very excellent entry!


So what's up with Foxx and Foley? What do they have in common besides Fo at the beginning of their names and a (T) after their names in Congress?

Thanks Anglico

You won't regret it.

On Foxx and Foley, while there isn't likely a direct link, Foxx is just a part of the (sorry for the cliche) culture of corruption going on in Washington right now.

This CYA at all costs, sell every vote, get elected first, lying, double-dealing, underhanded crowd of people running our country.

In my mind, Foxx, Bush, Cheney, DeLay, Frist (who announced earlier that he would like to see the Taliban back in power), Hastert, Taylor, Hayes are one in the same.

They stood silently by and let this happen. Maybe not each specific incedent, but the environment that fosters this type of stuff.

Before you ask, you damn tootin' I'm fired up!!

Hey, I wrote that

Looks like you're quoting from my September 6 Exile column that gave a quick snapshot of what's up with the races to watch in NC.
Yup, money isn't everything and Sharpe has seen an uptick via the grassroots, but in a sprawling district like Old Number 5, he's going to need some television and a lot of well-targeted mailings to get his name out there and GOTV money to GOTV. Foxx has done some awful things in congress—the Katrina vote (she didn't seem so concerned about where the money was going when she approved billions for Halliburton & Co.), immigration bashing and offshore drilling for NC.
Sharpe has the very difficult job of introducing himself to voters and highlighting Foxx's woeful record at the same time. Maybe the fundraiser this weekend will give him some extra gas for that.

He's everywhere!

Good morning, Mr. Ross! Thanks for stopping by. I'm really enjoying Exile, though it's giving me more stuff to keep up with than I can keep up with.